Update LnLT v5.0 Core Rules

David Heath

Staff member
Oct 14, 2014
Pueblo West, Colorado
LnLT Core Rulebook v5 Coming Soon.jpg

Here are some questions asked about the new LnLT v5.0 rule set and my answers.

Q1:-All-encompassing game system consolidating rules from both WW2 - Modern

Q2: -clarifications and improvements to the game system
A: YES, had a lot of new playtesters review the rules during the process.
We added an index, a detailed walkthrough and many more examples of play.

Q3:-Video Bootcamp: Nate has already uploaded dozens of short tutorial videos to his channel.
A: YES not complete yet and to be used as an aid to the manual. We will keep making new and expanded videos.

Q4:-Audio rules: maybe like an audiobook or podcast?
A: YES, Keith Tracton is working on these and we will release an Audiobook edition. This will be as an aid and not something to replace the manual.

Q5:-"NCO" version: free pdf download

Q6:-"Officer" version: printed rules in a binder
A: NO, this was canceled because of the size of the rule booketQ7:.

Q7 -Battle Generator
A: YES, we will be releasing a v2.0 that will be one Battle Generator for the entire series.

Q8:-Full LnLT Solo system, including cards with "Officer" version
A: NO, this is not happening but we may be able to lower the price very soon on this.

Q9:-links to tutorial video/audio throughout
A: NO, we are using only one link allowing us to keep adding to the videos even after the new LnLT v5.0 are release.

Q10:- Possible third-party accessories like 3D acrylic markers for damage, fire, smoke. I've seen something like those used in other AAR photos and videos.
A: YES, this a done deal.

Q11:-LnLT historical-fiction novel series: set in the LnLT universe with the in-game characters incorporated into the stories, additional scenarios involving the characters & stories
A: YES, the printed edition, audiobook with two new maps and 8 scenarios. We are working on Heroes of the Nam. This expansion will give you stories to enjoy as well as some new scenarios.

Q11:- Price
A: We do not have a price yet but that will be any day now. Expect between $35.00 to $44.00

Jimmy hansen

Sep 10, 2015
San Diego CA
Heroes of Defiance. ( Single story ?)Wood red building height level - 1 on player-aid chart. Seems like stone building is showing as level -0 before any second story. This seems opposite of what one expect in reality. What am i not understanding. Thank you

Stéphane Tanguay

Staff member
Aug 2, 2013
Jimmy, as I answered on FB, the TEC is in error. Stone (HC) building should be level-1,2 obstacle, not level-0

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