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    LnLT Core Rulebook v5 Coming Soon.jpg

    Here are some questions asked about the new LnLT v5.0 rule set and my answers.

    Q1:-All-encompassing game system consolidating rules from both WW2 - Modern
    A: YES

    Q2: -clarifications and improvements to the game system
    A: YES, had a lot of new playtesters review the rules during the process.
    We added an index, a detailed walkthrough and many more examples of play.

    Q3:-Video Bootcamp: Nate has already uploaded dozens of short tutorial videos to his channel.
    A: YES not complete yet and to be used as an aid to the manual. We will keep making new and expanded videos.

    Q4:-Audio rules: maybe like an audiobook or podcast?
    A: YES, Keith Tracton is working on these and we will release an Audiobook edition. This will be as an aid and not something to replace the manual.

    Q5:-"NCO" version: free pdf download
    A: YES

    Q6:-"Officer" version: printed rules in a binder
    A: NO, this was canceled because of the size of the rule booketQ7:.

    Q7 -Battle Generator
    A: YES, we will be releasing a v2.0 that will be one Battle Generator for the entire series.

    Q8:-Full LnLT Solo system, including cards with "Officer" version
    A: NO, this is not happening but we may be able to lower the price very soon on this.

    Q9:-links to tutorial video/audio throughout
    A: NO, we are using only one link allowing us to keep adding to the videos even after the new LnLT v5.0 are release.

    Q10:- Possible third-party accessories like 3D acrylic markers for damage, fire, smoke. I've seen something like those used in other AAR photos and videos.
    A: YES, this a done deal.

    Q11:-LnLT historical-fiction novel series: set in the LnLT universe with the in-game characters incorporated into the stories, additional scenarios involving the characters & stories
    A: YES, the printed edition, audiobook with two new maps and 8 scenarios. We are working on Heroes of the Nam. This expansion will give you stories to enjoy as well as some new scenarios.

    Q11:- Price
    A: We do not have a price yet but that will be any day now. Expect between $35.00 to $44.00


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