Update to Unity Engine or "new" game?

Discussion in 'Nations At War Digital' started by Wiggum, Sep 16, 2020.

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    So i heard NAW Digital will be "updated" to the Unity Engine. Will this be a free Update for owners or a "new" game we need to purchase again? I ask because i doubt you can just "update" the game to Unity its more like converting all the existing artwork and code to unity which is basically a whole new game then, probably with new features.

    I guess the AI fixes, Hotseat Mode and other fixes will then be included in the Unity Version?
    Hotseat should be possible in Unity, LnL Tactical also has a perfectly working Hotseat Mode.

    When can we roughly expect the update or new game?
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    It's a free update. We weren't happy with the technical performance of the Java engine, and it didn't allow fast development of new features.
    Since two modules are coming up, and possibly WaW85, it seemed reasonable to make the upgrade now, especially if one day a different developer would have to take the reins.

    Fortunately, the conversion process is relatively easy to do because of similarities between the Java and C# languages, as well as the overall flexibility of Unity. It didn't have to be remade from scratch.

    It shouldn't be too much longer but I couldn't say when exactly. We're hoping to start a beta test for it this month.
    Here's an early peek:

    It won't look much different at first because I just wanted to make sure everything works, but new features will resume development right after we're confident about the success of porting.

    Hope this alleviated some concerns, and thanks for being patient
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