v5.1 Rules Highlight:Hull Down Positions for vehicles

Devin Heinle

Staff member
Apr 6, 2019
Kent Wa,
As part of our continuing look at some of the new rules additions for Lock and Load tactical v5.1 we are going to now look at Hull Down positions for vehicles.

We have had a similar rule in place for Vehicles to be protected at least partially as a Scenario Setup rule in the Vehicle Emplacement rules. However, that was for vehicles starting off in prepared positions and we had no rules covering vehicles attempting to find a more defensive position during the play of a scenario.

A vehicle may attempt to find a Hull Down position only once per turn by expending 1 MP in the hex they wish to find a Hull Down position in and then roll a dice and applying Armor LM-check to see if the attempt was successful. If successful the vehicle is marked with a Hull Down Counter (a new counter we are introducing and will be available in future game titles and also on the new Admin counter sheet we have for sale in our Store. If you do not have any Hull Down counters use any agreed-upon marker to signify a HD position.)

Any shots to the Vehicle that comes through the Vehicles front arc as determined by the red arrow on the counter will ignore any Hull hits to the vehicle. Turret hits apply normally and any shots coming in the Flank and Rear arcs of the vehicle are conducted normally as well.

Vehciles in Hull Down positions
Sep 15, 2013
Interesting thought so the vehicle is taking advantage say of a slight depression in the ground in a hex, but is this chrome for chromes sake just adding complexity (and another counter)?

I think that vehicles on hilltops when fired at from a lower position or behind stone wall should get hull down status, this should be a part of the firing process modifications but should it be added as a random terrain roll in a hex sounds odd. And the randomness means one vehicle may get it in a hex and another not doesn’t, how can one vehicle notice that rise in the ground and another not (talking vehicles of the same size i.e. a game say with and R35 on one side and a Pz II on the other)?

Applying ‘armour LM-check’? Does that mean lowest armour modifier helps in the ability to hide? Sounds right on the surface, small tanks have 0 lowest armour and big tanks have a high number BUT let’s think this through; the tiny French R35 due to its excellent cast hull design has a lowest armour of 2 and a rather large Pz IVD has a lowest armour of 1 so it’s going if my initial assumption is right it’s going to be easier for a Pz IVD to get hull down than a R35?

If this rule was to be considered the modifier maybe should be based on a tank leaders modifier as an experienced tanker would understand the lie of the ground better than a nobody and locate his tank. O matter the size in the best position.

Not worth including IMHO.

Anyway that’s my 2 cents worth ...

Stéphane Tanguay

Staff member
Aug 2, 2013
Armor LM modifier is precisely what you are suggesting; using the Armor Leader LM to imporve your chance to find a hull-down position.

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