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Victory and Glory: ACW Update Report Last Updated 5/12/2020 5:00 PM

David Heath

Staff member
Oct 14, 2014
Pueblo West, Colorado
Victory and Glory American Civil War UPDATE REPORT.jpg
Victory and Glory Update Reports: We will be posting patch updates here going forward. These updates will show you we have fixed, adjusted or added new features. We will be posting update reports like these here, on our LnLP forums.

Update Log:
Changes 5/12/2020

- Corrected an error that allowed armies to force march when they advanced into a region that is vacated by a retreating army.
- Improved AI battle logic in using counter-battery attacks for artillery units.
- Revised the Attack Tooltips to provide more information and a better understanding of the likely outcome of a particular attack.
- Added variable timing to the hovering period before showing an attack tooltip. This is now proportionally linked to the preference for the Contextual Cursor.
- Added a new rule to Range 2 attacks for Artillery: Low Ammunition.
- Revised the distribution of upgrades for Confederate units at the start of the game.
- Corrected a small error in how unit quality was used in determining the effects of a hit in battle.
- Corrected an error in the use of the two ‘Riots’ Event Cards when played by the AI. Battles were not initiated correctly if the city had more than a single Union army in garrison.
- Cavalry units now show the correct report when right-clicked on.
- Some Improvements in logging.
- Changes in the game engine to improve responsiveness with the Steam Game overlay.

Changes 4/24/2020

- Corrects an error that prevented the use of the Rebel Yell Battle Card in Minor Battles.
- Corrects a minor error in some data relating to the supply of British and Confederate armies.
- Corrects a minor cosmetic error in the dialog used to show event card play by the AI.
- Updates both the manual and the hot key document to show the new “Opaque Strength Labels” option.
- Corrects erroneous text in certain reminder dialogs.
- A couple of improvements to the AI’s decision-making logic.

Changes 4/18/2020
- Corrects a rare crash that can occur if one side has lost all of its land forces.
- Major Achievements now appear in the History of Events at the end of each game.
- Adds an alternate style of strength labels to assist with readability for some players. This is accessed through a new hot key.
- The terrain types for the regions of Hagerstown and Shenandoah were corrected.
- An error in supply rules for besieged Confederate and British armies was corrected.
- Some improvements in the AI for battles and strategic moves.

Changes: 4/7/2020
- Corrected an error in the Battle AI that sometimes improperly placed units when the AI was adjusting for terrain and positioning in a front line area in a Major Battle.
- Corrected a flaw in sorting units that could sometimes cause the game to crash (CTD).
- Improved gameplay in Major Battles to allow units underneath enemy corps commander to be brought to the top when they are clicked on.
- Some corrections and additions to the Manual and the in-game Help System.
- Speaking of the manual, here is the link to the updated game manual Rev13
- Manual Download: https://bit.ly/VG-Manual

Changes: 4/2/2020

We have released a new build of Victory and Glory: ACW on Steam. It contains a couple of text corrections and corrections to the help system. We have also corrected a few errors that were discovered in the game manual. The new manual is Rev12 and is included in this update or can be downloaded with the link below.

- https://forums.lnlpublishing.com/resources/victory-and-glory-the-american-war-digital-manual.360/