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    This is a shameless plug for our very own Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor new book, The Awakening, now available for sale on Amazon.

    Please check out my new website for more details, including my writer's blog. There are links there to purchase the book from Amazon or if you want to dive straight in then here's my author's page on Amazon:
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Discussion in 'Command Ops Series' started by Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor, Sep 11, 2015.

    1. Sigwolf
      Well, if you ever decide to go the Kickstarter route for it, consider me a backer. I'm really enjoying the world you've created, and as I read the battle scenes, I can't help but think of them as great AAR's for what could be an amazing sci-fi game... or series of games for that matter, because I would also love a tactical/squad level game in the same setting for the ground combat. Just things I see in my mind as I read...
    2. Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      As the series progresses the scope widens. The first two books see Dave commanding the Federation frigate Hermes and the action is definitely small scale. But in Insurrection, book 3, he gets to command a new stealth capital ship which has some really cool *%&!#*, including, stealth fighters, a marine company and a droid battalion. Consequently the ground action becomes more operational than tactical. I'm up to book 6 in my writing and right now I am writing about a particular battle which involves a division v brigade on the planet surface and fleets overhead. And the Federation Combined Fleet is yet to arrive on the scene. :)
    3. Sigwolf
      Now you're just teasing... don't worry, book 3 is already pre-ordered. :) It really would make a great game setting, even if it is a while before you have time to tackle it.
    4. Sigwolf
      Little bummed there has not been more talk about the books here, but I finished book 3 last week and pre-ordered book 4. Insurrection started a bit slow, but built nicely and was still a fun read. Best part is that I am fully invested in the story and look forward to finding out what comes next. Thanks Dave!
    5. Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      You're welcome Sigwolf. Glad you liked it. I reread Retribution last week (which is Book 4). I am really pleased with it. It's funny in a way going back over your work after fair chunk of time - I wrote Retribution well over a year ago. I have moved on in the story line as I'm now finishing off Book 6 Resilience. But I really enjoyed it and noted just how much the characters have developed. In fact I find myself a little attached to them. I found it hard to kill off one character. It was like I was losing someone close to me. But l summoned up the commander's detachment and they duly bit the bullet. :) (And don't ask who its is. :))
    6. john connor
      john connor
      It's Warner, right?
    7. Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor
      :eek::stop:....I should have known! :rolleyes:

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