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    Having finally received the game and sorted ready to table, I looked into the SA.

    First observation is the dice spread is weird especially if using both dice 2d6. Not sure if it is safe to use for random distribution and why 17 offensive and 18 defensive card and 31 neutral cards. Obviously 72 cards would be needed for the dice to have an even distribution. I will be analysing them another time, luckily I have a nice new set of aluminium dice (I also have a Hostile AI deck ).

    On examining the deck in offensive and defensive mode, the big glaring issue is the opportunity fire rule. As all the cards have fire in either the point blank or effective range priorities and don't in the Long range.

    A solution would be to only fire when the card has fire as the first option but the AEO will never fire at Long range.

    EDIT updated see post

    Alternative for deciding to opportunity fire.

    Main situations that need to be considered for the AEO (See below for AHS)

    1. Playing declared orders(rules as written which is new to WaW85 as no requirement in WaW)

    2. Stance Offensive/Defensive (Offensive stance but ground unit occupying an objective)

    3. PU(Player Unit) Assault order AEO or gain Objective (PU has AHS of 1+ vs eliminate unit objective)

    4. PU unit adjacent to hex that provides better cover(in direction of travel if using declared orders)

    5. Formation acted this turn

    6. Direction of travel of PU is within 2 x Move points of Objective (including units if elimination is victory condition)

    7. Direction of travel of PU with Fire/Assault vs vulnerable units , PU has AHS of 2+ vs AEOunit(s) or for Assault.

    8. Out of Command.

    At first glance this looks a lot but it's basically what most gamers will do when faced with an opportunity to Opportunity Fire.

    The decision is easier Fire or Not

    Playing Declared Orders

    From the rules Declared Orders mean you must complete the declared action unless the unit or unit in a stack suffers an adverse result.

    I read this that in any event you will be limited to the restrictions of the declared Order , which means for a stack/unit if it declared move and fire/load/unload/assault and one unit is disrupted the other unit cannot now ignore restrictions from the original Order but within that can abort part of it.

    Obviously this will be easier if using declared orders, which should be your intent anyway unless you re evaluate after every hex moved, hopefully not.

    I would add if using SA then the whole order should be declared, this will swing in favour of the SA, which will make up for it being an SA.

    To fire or not to fire

    We need to map out sensible options for the AEO but add some randomness.

    Assess Hit Score AHS

    No of FP die rolled after modifiers less each save that needs a lower save number to hit.
    For defensive stance subtract 1 if 6 to hit
    For Offensive stance subtract 1 if 5+ and 2 if 6 to hit

    Random Card Pull for Opportunity Fire

    If pulling a card to fire for Pont Blank or Effective Range only fire if the single word fire is first order of PB/Effective Range. For Long Range if it has Execute Counteractions.

    Defensive stance includes an offensive stance unit occupying an Objective.

    Opportunity Fire Descision

    Priority is unstacked AEO with greatest AHS include/deploy SW ,Leaders/HQ are assigned/deployed not stacked.

    For 1-4 above and Defensive Stance then Opportunity fire no Random Card pull.

    For 5-8 above if AHS 0+ for Defensive Stance and 1+ for Offensive stance then decide on Random Card pull

    Needs some testing , which it will get over the next few weeks but all feedback welcome, the alternative is to use a modification if the system I use for Combat Commander.

    EDIT When making a decision on using a single card pull for all units in a formation or for Stacks/ idividual units, my preferred option would be that units of the same type within PB range of each other would do so , all others with a PU in LoS would pull a seperate card.
    For units using Secondary Orders no PU in LoS I would go with the first card pulled and carry out orders for those units first, the reasoning being they are supporting the main force and laying down suppressing fire, covering them or clearing a path e.g. ATGMs taking out potential Overwatch positions laying smoke or disrupting PUs in defensive positions.
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