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    Hi Everyone

    Here are some notes from Peter Bogdasarian on the changes in v2.1. We have just loaded the 2.1 rules to the files section. These make a couple tweaks Peter has wanted to do for some time and corrects one error inserted into the 2.0 rulebook.

    * 6.0 is corrected and will now match the first edition so: "An activated unit receives movement points (MPs) equal to the player’s activation number."

    * When attempting to barrage, you now get an opportunity to range-in on each defending unit in the hex; however, you can only make a barrage attack against one of them if you are successful (to save time, start off by ranging-in on the target you want most to fire at and stop there if you succeed). Stacking multiple units thus makes it easier for artillery to find something to shoot at in a hex.

    * German panzer, panzerjäger and recon units now recover on a die roll of 4-6. After seeing the game out in the wild for a few years, this should prod game balance a bit back towards the center. German panzer formations will remain tough (as they should be), but they'll spring back to full strength less often (recovery chances for 2 dice drop from 88.9%/44.4% to 75%/25%).

    * The Commonwealth now scores 2 VP for achieving the relief of Tobruk victory condition. This should incentivize players who wish to pursue a more aggressive strategy in the center for the Commonwealth.

    Download Manual Edition v2.1

    Totensonntag Living Rules v2.1.jpg
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