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    When Do The Games Ship - We expect them to start leaving the warehouse this Tuesday or Wednesday. We are giving anyone with a pre-orders a chance to review their orders and have us correct any issues. The games are being boxed and labeled currently so there should be no delays. Our Euro customers orders will take a little bit longer with us sending them to Second Chance Games first.

    We like you to post pictures of you and your games when they arrive and the one we like the most we will award an extra 15% discount code good on any future order in the next 12 months.



Discussion in 'News and Events' started by David Heath, Aug 19, 2017.

    1. Ric Walters
      Ric Walters
      Just need to make certain my wife isn't around when the box is delivered. Otherwise, I'll get "The Look of Death"....

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    2. Falkon00
      Lucky for you, it will just be a "look" of death...I'm thinking "actual" death may occur at my house...
    3. Ric Walters
      Ric Walters
      Depends upon how many you ordered. I could only afford four, so I might get away with sneaking the box down into the game room. Once something gets in there, there is no way to tell if a couple of new games were added to the stash. Good Luck.

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    4. Alfred M. Bisasky
      Alfred M. Bisasky
      David H.,

      That's fast David. I would have expected another week or more to get all of games stocked and then selected, boxed up, labelled and mailed. The USPS will go nuts! I figure based on my order number, that it will be another three weeks or so before I see them on my doorstep. I'm not complaining, just being realistic. I'm patient, I can wait.

      You guys that are afraid of your wives' evil eye, or worse, just tell them the games keep you out of the saloons and pool halls. At least they know that you're not spending the money on strippers, barmaids and biker chicks.

      The only thing that my wife has even mentioned was that I've tied up the dinning room table. I simply told her, "Hey, it was a big war." Actually, I only take up half the DR table. My son has TWILIGHT STRUGGLE taking up the other half. Sometimes, I Iike to stack up some airborne units on one of his countries and tell him it's a junta...

      Have fun,

    5. Nick Huntington
      Nick Huntington
      I get mine delivered to work and take them home. If wife notices more games on the shelves... "oh these? I've had these" :p
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    6. Ric Walters
      Ric Walters
      After forty-four years together, if I tried that, she'd know. We are at the point in life where I think telepathy is real, as I never get away with "stretching the truth" anymore. I am collecting points though as I'm selling off about two-thirds of my game collection. I can cash the points in on game purchases that I know I'll play, rather than admiring the boxes collecting dust on the shelves.

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    7. Captain Darling
      Captain Darling
      Hey Ric nice avatar :happy:...
    8. lucky henry
      lucky henry
      What is the latest guess as to when all pre-orders will have been shipped?
    9. David Heath
      David Heath
      This week, maybe even tomorrow. Remember EU orders we are air freighting the games to Second Chance games and they are being sent out via Royal Mail. I will post when they are received by them.

    10. ChuckB
      Hi - just to let you know that my (huge) shipment has arrived today (CA), very happy (apart from the fact that Heros of North Africa is missing the X-maps that were part of the pre-order package, I'm sure; will create a ticket for that.
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    11. David K. van Hoose
      David K. van Hoose
      I think we are getting closer, yesterday evening my online order status changed from "completed" to "shipped", but no email nor tracking number online. Then my status changed back to "completed." So I guess there is movement and my order of one of each of the pre-order items should be on the way soon. I can't wait to do the in-boxing.
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    12. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi Everyone,

      We have more than a few orders that do not have updated tracking information. This is directly because the employees at the USPS office are not scanning the packages. I now made two official complaints about this and I am told this will not happen again. I was told that if things get busy they simply just send the boxes and do not scan the tracking numbers. Need I say I am pretty upset about this and I am hoping new updates will be available sometime today.

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    13. Eternal
      Maybe this is my order? I received a loyalty discount but I do not have a tracking number.
    14. David K. van Hoose
      David K. van Hoose
      Maybe this is also what is going on with my order (even with going from shipped and then back to complete) ... still pretty strange. Keep the information flowing.
    15. lucky henry
      lucky henry
      I got an email from UPS that says "A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status--including the scheduled delivery date--will be updated." Two boxes, 14.2 pounds. Soon.....

      EDIT - Updated status from UPS says the packages have been shipped and should arrive next Tuesday.
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    16. lucky henry
      lucky henry
      UPS status says packages have shipped but are still sitting in Colorado.
    17. David Heath
      David Heath
      Hi Henry,

      If they picked up the packages then it's in UPS hands but I have noticed the scanning of the tracking label is not always done right away by them.

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    18. Ron Belcher
      Ron Belcher
      And.... it's coming! :D Thanks, LnLP :D

      Delivery package(s). This shipment is scheduled to be sent on 09/11/2017.

      Reference information includes:

      Reference: MXXXXXX
      Ship date: Sep 11, 2017
      Scheduled delivery: Thu, 9/14/2017 by end of day
      Service type: FedEx Home Delivery
      Packaging type: Package
      Number of pieces: 1
      Weight: 5.10 lb.
      Status: Picked up

      Tracking number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      Shipper Information Recipient Information
      CO CA
      US US
    19. lucky henry
      lucky henry
      Got two packages full of LnLT games today! Haven't had time to open and inventory yet.
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