When vehicle count in unit less than # of towed weapons or 0?

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    Ignoring towing weight mismatch:

    Are towed weapons abandoned in accordance with the vehicle count in the unit dropping below number of towed weapons?

    Are mech or mot infantry units divided into two units, one mounted one dismounted when there are no longer enough vehicles to move everyone? For instance one truck and 100 men in unit.

    When a wheeled vehicle unit, such as an artillery battalion losses all vehicles does it become a walking unit or does it keep the wheeled movement rate?
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    Hmmm no answer since June 2019.
    a) There was a discussion for COTA back in the day, about excess weaponry (towed guns) that would be abondoned (culled by the game engine), if the respective tow vehicles get destroyed. I can't actually remember the details and if it was in COTA from the get-go, or not :banghead:. And I am not sure how it developed over the years. Anyone?
    I got curious now, too :)

    b) Someone with more detailed knowledge about that engine function could jump in here, as well, as I can't remember if there's a threshold that would re-class the unit (to a foot unit) once the transport vehicle count falls below a certain number, or not.
    The 1 truck/100 men is a good example. Technically and historically, if such unit could not borrow trucks from other units, just had to do it the hard way, so that this lone truck had to provide 10 separate rides, instead of 1. A truck could transport like 10-14 soldiers, maybe even 16 of some sat down on the truck bed in the middle, or if the seats were removed - depending on truck size.
    That took way longer, but technically, that was still a motorized unit, even if the mobility could only be used/enjoyed in portions, and even if a Coy's squads got in one by one. :happy:

    Dismount: There is no dismount function, hence no "two unit" setup.
    The dismount function is prob. the fav item on people's wishlists.

    c) It will become a foot unit and its movement rate will be reduced to the corresponding speed.
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