White background square beneath some FP numbers

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    Hello everyone,
    reading the new rules, i have not found any explanation about the white background square beneath some units FP number (i.e.: M-1 Abrams has got it, T62 has not) ...what does it for? and where is it written? [​IMG]

    Thank you :)
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    I'm not positive, but if you look at the "Moving Fire" table on p. 68, it appears to represent vehicles with advanced fire control that allows them to fire on the move with less of a penalty. If true, then the three levels of moving fire would be: Short Halt; Basic Fire Control System (Pact); and Advanced Fire Control System (NATO). Just my $0.02
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    The white box is not a symbol it is simply a highlight so you can see the orange, blue or green color-coded numbers. The only symbol that has any game function on the counters are the special ability triangles. We tried to clear everything up in and around the numbers. You either had a color code for the number or just a plain number. No plus signs, no infinity symbols, no underlines, nothing to distract from the number.

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