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White Star / No Bridge tutorial / Counter question


Aug 12, 2021
I’m new here and I’m excited to get into the Lock ‘n Load games. I’ve played countless tabletop miniatures and board games, but I’m new to historical war games and I have a question. I’m setting up the No Bridge too far tutorial to help learn the game, but I’m already hitting a roadblock. The scenario says the Americans use the 2/16th and they place 1 x 76mm Gun on N4. As I mentioned I’m not a historical war gamer so I’m taking this naming literally and I can’t find a 2/16th 76mm Gun. I find a 2/16th 57mm ATG and a reduced 57mm ATG.

I do see a 76mm ATG and a reduced 76mm ATG with (+) , these seem to be what the rule book calls Attached units, are these what I’m supposed to use? If so, why would I ever choose to start with a reduced counter instead of a full strength one?

Comment for the publisher: There’s probably others like me who don’t know if a 76mm Gun is the same as a 76mm ATG. And if you tell me the American units for the scenario are part of the 2/16th, then I’m expecting every unit counter to have a green stripe and a tiny 2/16“ printed on them.

* Perhaps adding the full name as it appears on the counter to the scenario unit list would help. * Another suggestion would be to differentiate what units in a scenario list are “generic” counters.

Thank you to anyone who can provide any clarification or help. I hope to get my head around this game soon.

Stéphane Tanguay

Staff member
Aug 2, 2013
It's been a while since I played NAW and I'm far from being an expert on the rules (now, if you ever happen to play LNLT, I'll be your man :))

1) Which edition of WSR are you playing? Or better yet, are you using Module and Senario Booklet 3.0?

2) From what I gather, the 1 x 76mm Gun should have been listed as 1 x 76mm ATG (Attached). Another possibility would be that it is an errata and should listed as 1 x 57mm ATG (and that would not upset scenario balance, as the opposing vehicles are lightly armored)

3) Unless otherwise noted, you always use the full strenght unit and flip to the reduced side (in most case) or the reduced counter (for towed units, such as ATG) when you suffer a reduction in game

4) There are no generic counters, just Attached, and they are indicated as such in parenthesis

5) This whole thing is one for a future edition of the Clarificaitons & Corrections document