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White Star Rising: A Rock And A Hard Place

Jay Townsend

Aug 19, 2013
White Star Rising: A Rock And A Hard Place

First let me make a clarification and small errata statement. The divisional boundary for the two German formations, to make it simpler, they run from east to west cross map 3 (I) rows and then across map 1 (M) rows and the two maps should connect or line up perfectly this way. Neither formation should cross the other side of this boundary.

Also, the Germans need 4 support weapons in this scenario but only have three in the counter mix, so I borrowed one from another game.

The JPnthr (Jagdpanther) is an attached unit.

One thing very cleaver about the American sHQ or sHQs in general, is the way they can extend setup of units. By doubling the HQ command range from 4 to 8 and then the additional 2 command range of the sHQ, a unit could be 10 hexes away from the HQ on one side and 4 on the other side, giving the HQ a 15 hex total range, counting the HQ hex and makes it possible for the Americans to cover all three towns on the map 1 setup and defense.

I have played this scenario before in the first version of White Star Rising and don’t remember the name of the scenario in the earlier version of the game, as I upgrade to the 2nd version on all my NaW games years ago. I think the first time I played the older version I had an American victory but in this game, with the couple of shorten turns, the Germans controlled two out of three towns for a German victory, it wasn’t decide until the last chit draw in some of the last actions, so another very close scenario that could have gone either way and who doesn’t like to push the mighty King Tiger tank counter around. I think I didn’t defend with enough American units on the far northern town but it is hard to tell in a very tense but fun scenario

After playing the huge scenario called Stal Stal Stal from Stalin’s Triumph, all the other scenarios seem smaller and faster playing in comparison.