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White Star Rising: Special: Race to Bastogne

Jay Townsend

Aug 19, 2013
White Star Rising: Special: Race to Bastogne

It was 4th of July so why not get an early morning scenario in with the Americans. The setup picture was confusing at first but the up-grade kit explains maps 2 & 3 are used not the pictured maps, which I figured out in the scenario description as well.

The Germans just have to keep the Americans from crossing 5 units, across one of the three bridge hexes on map 2 to the other side of the river. Half step units count as half a points.

The game pendulum swung back and forth. In the begin the German took out a nice amount of American armor including the Jumbo Sherman tank unit I was so excited to finally use, as the German Jagdpanther, 70mm AT, 50mm AT, and Hetzer units harvested armor and I thought the Americans were done early. In the next stage the Americans came back with Infantry and armor assaults after getting through all the obstacles and put a hurt on the Germans defending units and I thought the Germans were done. Assaulting Combat is the best way for the Americans to overcome the Germans in this scenario. The third momentum change had the Germans recover enough disrupted steps to hold up the depleted Americans to only be able to exit 3.5 units across the three bridge hexes. Thus after 8 bitter turns the American fell just short, giving the Germans the victory in this scenario.

Not a bad, quick playing scenario.