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LnLT Starter Kit - How Wrong I Was

Jun 30, 2018
Here What I Think

Right, I want to point out I have held off from the L'N'L Tactical series for a long long time due to the fact I class myself as an in-depth wargamer, I.E I like lots of detail in my games (ASL, Assault, The Next War etc to name a few), and I thought that the L'N'L Tac series just would not work for me, How wrong I was/am.

Star Army: Platoon Leader AAR (Breykin II First Mission)

Mar 22, 2015
After Action Reports

A short after action report on a patrol mission using THW's Star Army: Platoon Leader. The Star Army start their campaign to gain a foothold on the Hishen-controlled planet of Breykin II.

Leonard Nimoy Passes

Feb 27, 2015
It's Happening Now

Leonard Nimoy's role on Star Trek has had an impact upon several generations of fans. His passing has been deeply felt by the community.

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