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      Whilst the format is nice, I think, for doing AARs in 'article' form, there's a 7 attachment limit, and you must write 400 words in the article itself. Those constraints are what determines the size of these parts I'm putting together.

      In this Part 4 I'll show a few more photos of the battlefield. Starting with another view of The Corridor area.



      The top of Hill 222.6 looks much the same - a vast flat cultivated space with no cover.


      The TK starting positions are out of sight. See the in-game pic below:


      Their positions should provide some protection from barrage whilst they try to recover from the high fatigue levels. But sooner or later they're going to have to advance across that big open space shown in the photo above......

      Finally, I was able to get a picture from this position:


      That's one of Knittel's recon units, looking right out into the crucial area that - if this battle follows history - will soon be flooded with T34s. The position looks like this in google earth:


      And, amazingly, the street view car seems to have driven right into the fields here:


      I think for now that's probably enough images to get an idea of key areas of the battlefield. As things progress I'll put more up from individual sectors, if it looks necessary to better visualise the terrain.

      What I'll do starting in the next part of this AAR is let the battle run for a little. My plan is to do a section of article every 3 hours or so, once the initial attacks have developed.

      There is a period of half light in the game between 5am and 6am. When the sun really comes up at 6am is when we will get to see things a little better, and that hour will also have given the AI time to put plans in place. Though both sides have a break from the normal orders delay at the start of the scenario, it will take a little time for the Soviet AI to get brigades into attack formations. In reality the main attacks of armour came rolling in between 7 and 8am. The AI might be a little quicker here, but I wouldn't expect anything very coordinated until after 6am.
      This scenario is available in the resources section.
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