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      //-Transcript, Aurora Company, Space Infantry
      Deep Range Intercept, Code Exigent Black
      Mission Details to follow -//

      Squad Leader - Assault Team, what do we have?

      Salamander LT
      - Three scouts running interference for a queen, three warriors acting as backstop. Orders commander?

      Squad Leader
      - Try and back out to fire distance and standby with those flamers. Breakers, front and center!

      Shane’s Breaker’s LT - Sir! Orders Sir!

      Squad Leader - Fire on my target designate danger close, grenades authorized. Follow up with CQC weaponry; clear the road to the queen. Flamers, mop up the rest.
      Unknown – SL GET DOWN!!!
      //-Recording terminated
      Register Hard Terminus Event
      Aurora T7 Confirmed Dark
      proceed with analysis -//
      Your Team

      Choosing your team in Space Infantry: Resurgence is almost as important as the choices you make during the mission. Do you prioritize firepower, or are skills and mastery of the terrain worth the tradeoff in offense?

      At the beginning of each mission, or at the start of your first mission if you choose to play the campaign variant, you will have a number of squad points with which to purchase units; Normally it is set at 110, but if you’re playing with difficulty Levels, that number is determined by the level you choose.

      In either case, this squad will be all that stands between you and defeat, so you must consider all your options. The core of your squad will always be a Squad Leader, a multipurpose unit that costs 0 points, is mandatory, and is the only unit equipped with the “Command” Skill.

      Img 1.png

      This unique skill can be used three times in a turn and generates “CP”, or Command Points. This is one of your most vital resources in the field, as it lets you assist another unit in their skill check, directly influence your combat range, give unique orders [advanced training required], or even completely abort the mission. Unfortunately, your Squad Leader is also a Non-Combatant. You need them focused on the bigger tactical picture, and relies entirely on the squad to keep them alive.

      After that, you’ll choose a number of units up to the maximum of 110 Points [Standard rules]. Since you already know what you’ll be up against (barring any unique enemies or hazards of the mission at hand), you can tailor your squad accordingly.

      In this new Space Infantry, you’ll have access to the entire arsenal of SI units, from the humble fighting fists, good all-rounders with a reputation for being stubborn and steadfast, to the excessive force of the Vanguards; Soldiers equipped with high output, non-linear, Shard Guns which are deadly in Melee, to the highly specialized “Shane’s Breakers”, equipped with highly advanced weaponry. They can pierce nearly any armor, but the weight of all that gear makes them extremely vulnerable in Melee.
      Img 2.png
      You can even go for broke and bring in the heavy artillery, an APER Tank! This beast excels at turning even the most hardened infantry units to paste, requiring specialized weaponry to even glance its armor. However, this monster is only available at much higher difficulty, so expect stiff resistance if you chose to swim those waters.

      Img 3.png

      And let’s not even get into what the RnD boys and girls have been cooking up in their toyshop. Autonomous drone units called [REDACTED]s, that are capable of learning in the field and upgrading their hardware accordingly. First deployed in the Aquiel Cluster, A Terminus Ultra incursion event was halted in just 3 weeks. Transcripts are still classified but I’ll get you clearance if you want to know more.

      Lastly, and under protest, I’ve been instructed to inform you that civilian specialists have been put at your disposal. Should you deem it necessary, one can be embedded in your squad to augment the skill set of your squad and even give you access to skills none of our people are familiar with.

      The trade-off, of course, is that none of these people have even held a gun in their life; the best you’re going to get are some professional hunters or amateur martial artists. They’ll need protecting and they’ll be useless in a fight, so weigh the risks accordingly.

      Img 4.png

      After you’ve assembled your squad, you’ll have the ability to requisition gear and supplies for the mission. If you’re playing a campaign, you’ll have persistent requisition points to use, or simply an allotment again determined by the difficulty level.

      You can bring Medkits to keep your units in the fight, or explosives to end those fights quicker. We’ve even been “gifted” with new prototype plasma grenades that will make anything think twice before knocking on your door. Or you could just pack some extra armor and Intel to better gauge your enemy. Either way, you get one use out of anything you bring so use it sparingly. Nothing is worse than having to make do with what you can scrounge in the field.

      Img 5.png

      Once all that’s done, you’re ready to drop on the target. We’ll have more for you on how you choose your missions and set them up in our next briefing S.L. Good luck and good hunting down there. The enemy can do things our science can’t explain. Apply enough bullets though, and answers don’t matter. Prepare to DROP!
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