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      This is a recounting of my first Star Army: Platoon Leader mission. I've decided to play out the assault on a planet, with each campaign being a step toward total victory.

      The situation:

      With the Hishen threat growing, Gaea Prime takes proactive measures to protect the inner rings.

      An assault is launched against the Hishen-controlled planet of Breykin II to establish a foothold that will allow for its eventual capture by the Star Army.

      Landers touch down in a wooded area and the 1st Squad of the 1st Platoon of the White Devils Company begins a scouting mission to find priority targets and get a read of the enemy strength in the area. (The Star Army patrol's objective is to spend a turn in each of the top three sectors of the map. )

      Campaign Morale and Investment are 3 and 2 respectively for both sides. 1st Squad doesn’t have a Star on the board.


      The Star Army squad rushes through the trees, trying to make it to the other side as quickly as possible. There is some concern that there might be contact at the forest’s edge, but nothing is encountered. (The squad keeps to the trees, trying to avoid detection for as long as possible. The first and second Possible Enemy Forces, yellow "blips", are resolved as nothing.)


      Before clearing the treeline, the SA squad takes up cover in the woods with a view to the east and are rewarded, spotting a Hishen squad also on patrol, probably looking for them.



      The grenadier and rapid-fire laser make short work of the Hishen squad, killing two outright, seriously injuring two more, and sending the remainder running for the hills (literally). (Two "Obviously Dead" results, two "Out of the Fight" results, and two glancing hits that result in "Duck Back".)


      Unfortunately, the rest of the Hishen force escapes to report the SA presence, so the SA squad rushes to complete their mission, sweeping up and across the northern segment of the engagement area and then back toward HQ to report.

      (The non-player "AI" says that the Hishen patrol makes a fighting retreat back to its point of entry.The Star Army patrol fast-moves through the required sectors and back off their edge of the board before more enemy forces can be generated.)

      Star Army got the intel it needed, but unfortunately warned the enemy of their presence.

      It’s time for an attack!

      (No change in Campaign Morale or Investment Level on either side. A win for the mission, but a negligible result with regard to the overall campaign. There were no REP advancements, but at least the Star Army didn't suffer any casualties. According to the campaign chart, the next battle after a successful patrol mission is an attack.)

      Overall, I think that went as well as could be expected. I look forward to the next mission, which should prove to be much more dangerous.
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