Heroes of the Falklands v2.0 Vassal

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    LnLP Official Heroes of the Falklands v2.0 Vassal Module. Attached are several screenshots of the Falklands Vassal module in play. These show off the new custom UI buttons on the toolbar (Thank You Trent), which use graphics directly from the LnLT games in some cases, and they are all bigger and flashier than the stock Vassal graphics.

    Additional things to look for is our new counter look, now with rounded corners and light shading. The maps and counters are all larger hi-res digital images designed to match the boardgame contents, which makes them all easier to see and read.

    We are working on new Vassal modules for all games in the LnLT line. Our intent is to bring all existing Vassal modules up to this new standard and provide a full line Vassal modules for all LnLP games. Let us know what you think and give us some feedback.

    You can download the Vassal module from

    HotF_TheLastGasp1.png Hotf_TheLastGasp2.png Hotf_TheLastGasp3.png

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    Yes! :)

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    That looks great! Well done.
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    Thanks for the kind words. The original module design is not mine to claim, however. That fine work was done by a gentleman named Gabor Venczel, a member of our LnLT community, if I'm not mistaken. My work includes updating the counters and maps to the new digital graphics provided by LnLP, as well as cleaning up unneeded files and reducing the overall size of the finished module.

    We are going to use the Falklands module as the gold standard, to which all the other modules will be upgraded. Again, thanks to Gabor Venczel, you have shown a better way to design Vassal modules.

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