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    Questions from my first game ...

    1) Some damaged targets have a Destruction Rating of 3. On the 2.2 charts, there is no column for 3 (only columns for 4 through 8). How is bomb damaged assessed for these targets?

    My guess: ignore the table, 3 hits heavily damages the target, 2 or less no effect

    2) Fighter vs fighter combat has a clear rule for "who shoots first". What about bomber vs fighter combat? Who shoots first? Or is it simultaneous?

    My guess: the sequence of play has two separate steps, so bombers shoot first and if the interceptor is destroyed, the interceptor does not get to fire (and if damaged fires with a reduced rating).

    3) Bomber vs multiple interceptor combat. If a bomber is targeted by multiple interceptors, does it fire at each interceptor, or only at one?

    My guess: it fires at each.

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