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    My module to do list [so very subject to change]. At least now, once the rules revision is done, there are two projects I plan to work on in the near future. The first is the expansion of the LOF SADF module into a small stand-alone game. The second would be an expansion, possibly for LOF, on a topic to be announced that will also serve as the “how to design something” tutorial. Reasons, thoughts, requests for suggestions on this will also be the subject of a follow on post.

    So why the expansion of the SADF modules from LOF rather than a new standalone game? There are several reasons…

    1. It is something that has been mentioned in several places as something that LnL was going to do. Since we said we were going to do it, I want to actually do it as soon as possible rather than have it linger forever.

    2. It is also something that can be done in a relatively short time frame. We already have 2/3s of the counters there would be and a number of scenarios. I have ideas for another 60-70 unit counters and scenarios I would want to add and the necessary unit values largely exist already. A stand alone game, even one of the ones I have outlines of, would take a lot longer to get done. Once this is in the later stages of development, I can start going on other standalone games.

    3. It is also a more manageable project for my first project in this position… a chance to learn in a more manageable format than a 5 counter sheet/4 map monster.

    So what do I think this module would be like? The existing materials consist of ~135 counters and 3 8x11 maps and 8 scenarios. The current [very rough] plan would be to expand to 2 counter sheets (260 counters), probably add an 11x17 map, and to have at least 4 more scenarios. The extra ~120 counters would be split roughly evenly between new units and informational counters. I have ideas for many/most of the unit counters (2nd SADF tank and mech. infantry companies, maybe a recon company, a few odds and ends, a Cuban mech. inf. Unit and more T62s to bring the Cuban unit to full strength along with a few odds and ends), but I wanted to see if anyone had any good ideas for units that I hadn’t thought of or even potentially something that would need more counters or maps. I am not saying it would happen (at least in the game as opposed to LOF or an expansion), but it is always better to hear good ideas early in the process in case I want to use them. So if you have any good ideas, let me know.

    As for the expansion module/ development tutorial… well that topic and the potential for battles where both sides have almost the same equipment will be the subject of another post in a week or two.
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    Input for expanded South African module

    As I have mentioned recently, one of the projects I am working on is expanding the South African-Cuban-FAPLA scenarios from Line of Fire into a small stand alone game. Depending on what gets added to the game, it would be either 2 or 2.5 counter sheets (260 or 325 counters, so around 60 or 120 new units). I wanted to list some of the ideas for units/new scenarios that had occurred to me to see if the community was interested/not interested and if there were suggestions for something I missed. The smaller counter set would probably focus on expanding out the existing combatants. The larger counter set would probably also add UNITA and maybe a few other forces.

    As a reminder, there have been 8 scenarios on this topic so far and the rough forces included are…

    SADF (~45 counters). 1 tank company. 1 mech. Inf. Company. 1 Para unit. Assorted other units

    Cuban (~35 units) Weak T-62 tank unit with various odds and ends. 1 recon unit. Few other units.

    FAPLA (~40 counters) Infantry unit. T55 tank unit. Assorted other units.

    USMC (17 counters) 1 Company and assorted support units.

    Assuming the smaller counter limit (room for ~60 new units), among the things I plan to add are…

    SADF… A second tank company. A second mech. Inf. Company. A recon formation. A reserve infantry formation. A few more support units (support weapons, Air Cover, ect).

    Cubans… bring the T62 unit to full strength and have a full mech. Infantry battalion. Some more support units (air support, support weapons).

    FAPLA.. a few more support units.

    USMC… nothing extra.

    UNITA… probably nothing, unless one of the bigger formations above gets dropped.

    If we go with the larger counter limit (room for ~120 more units), the stuff above and some or all of the things below…

    Everyone… Leader, hero, and sniper counters if they don’t already have them.

    FAPLA… more T55s to fill out the tank unit. More infantry platoons for the infantry formation. A few more support units.

    SADF. Maybe a third infantry company? Maybe a Special Forces type unit.

    Cubans or Soviets… maybe a Special Forces type unit. Maybe another unit or two if someone had a suggestion of something that is missing.

    UNITA… Either 1 large or 2 smaller infantry units. A few support units/ support weapons and maybe a couple of vehicle units (which based on my reading would be stuff they captured. Maybe some sort of SADF advisor units. Maybe some sort of less organized guerilla units.

    PLAN... add an small infantry unit?

    Mercenaries… Apparently there were mercenaries guarding some positions in Angola… maybe a formation to simulate this?

    Among the possible new scenarios…

    · Large SADF force attacking a Cuban infantry force.

    · SADF reserve force with a bit of support blocking a Cuban Attack, trying to delay the Cubans as much as possible.

    · SADF infantry and recon unit versus FAPLA T55 unit. Taking on tanks with a 90mm guns on a lightly armored vehicle.

    · Large tank battle, Cubans vs SADF.

    · Large tank battle, FAPLA vs SADF

    · FAPLA (or PLAN?) attack on an isolated SADF unit.

    · SF force attacks on rear area positions and/or some sort of important facility… defended by either poor quality units or maybe mercenaries.

    · Assuming UNITA is added…. UNITA attack on a small FAPLA base/unit

    Assuming UNITA is added… UNITA unit tries to delay a FAPLA/Cuban advance.

    So thoughts or suggestions?
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    I think UNITA would be relevant, given that they were a major part of why the Cubans were there and also a proxy for American interests in the area (even though Savimbi was a maoist) in the context of the Angolan Civil War.

    Relevant scenarios could be a link up attempt between SADF forces and UNITA troops; a small campaign detailing the FAPLA's attempted invasions of Huambo province.

    Mercenary units could be interesting - the Angolan Civil War saw the presence of Portuguese mercenaries (usually veterans of the Portuguese army) as well as a major south african mercenary contingent (I think at it's peak there was a 3000 strong force, according to one old command magazine).
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    Without knowing/remembering any of the details, I can't really contribute to this discussion other than what Rastamann said sounds reasonable to me. I really need to read up on the Angola War. Off topic, but are there any suggestions on books/websites/etc?

    Looking forward to seeing what becomes available for the SADF!

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