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    When a MI-6 helicopter transporting an infantry and BMD gets 2 hits ( is shot down), what happens to the transported units? I went with destroyed but could see if were an odd roll would disrupt and reduce them.
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    Hi! Sorry for the delay I had to sift through some expansions PDFs to find your answer. I hope this helps! BTW your answer is correct as far as WaW85 is concerned unless flying in what will be the new Nap of Earth mode. :)

    - Keith Tracton, Developer, World At War 85 Series


    If a transport helicopter is disr upted, the infantry it is carrying is disr upted. If a transport helicopter rallies, the infantry it is car rying rallies. If a transport helicopter is hit when already disrupted, roll 1d6: if the result is even, the helicopter is eliminated. Place a Wreck marker in the eliminated helicopter’s hex (yes, one of those vehicle Wrecks). If the hex is currently occupied, roll 1d6: on a roll of one (1), one randomly selected unit in the hex receives a hit (6.1.6). The transported infantry is also eliminated.

    If the result is odd the helicopter is removed from the board (the helicopters which make up the unit have crash landed). Place a Wreck marker in the eliminated helicopter’s hex. If the helicopter is over any terrain except clear, clear with road, cultivated, or non-crestline/non-forest hill terrain, the infantry is also eliminated. If the infantry is not eliminated, place the formerly transported infantry, disrupted and reduced, in the hex. If the presence of the newly unloaded infantry would cause the hex to be overstacked, place the infantry in one adjacent hex of the opponent's choice. If the unloaded infantry would be placed in a undisrupted enemy ground unit's hex, the infantry is eliminated. If the enemy unit is disrupted, conduct assault combat immediately, remembering that both units are disrupted.

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