Deep Dish Counter Tray Dividers 2020-02-15

NaW/WaW Counter Tray Dividers

  1. Maurice Fitzgerald
    These counter tray dividers are for use with both Lock 'N Load Publishing deep-dish counter trays, and those from DVG.

    Each page will give you 21 tray dividers, which will comfortably hold ten (3/4" x 2mm) counters from World at War 85 or Nations at War. Approximately 3-4 more counters can also be fit down beside those ten counters, allowing up to 28 counters per tray.

    40 different units can fit into each deep dish tray in this manner, making it easier for you to both store and retrieve your counters. This should make it easier for you to get your games to the table, emjoy!