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stalin's triumph

  1. David Heath

    Stalin's Triumph Module Rules v3.0

    Stalin's Triumph Module Rules recreates the battles between Allied and Axis forces on the Eastern Front and is intended for use with the Nations at War Core Rules Manual. These module rules are designed to add special rules designed to enhance the gameplay. All rules outlined in the module...
  2. David Heath

    Stalin's Triumph Special Scenario - Something Borrowed v2.0

    Stalin's Triumph Special Scenario - Something Borrowed is a bonus scenario design by Sean Druelinger. This scenario was designed to use with the new units provided in the ST replacement counters, upgrade kits and Stalin's Triumph upgraded game.
  3. David Heath

    Stalin's Triumph Unit Point Cost Sheet v2.0

    Stalin's Triumph Unit Point Cost Sheets for use with the Battle Generator. This includes the new units provided with the Replacement counters, Replacement Kits, and the Stalin's Triumph Upgraded game.
  4. David Heath

    NaW Core Games and Upgrade Kits Now Available

    NaW Core Games and Upgrade Kits I need to correct my older statement. There are no 3rd Editions, one of my guys made a typo on our store. The core games and the upgrade kits are all 2nd Editions. All NaW base games (White Star Rising, Desert Heat, Stalin's Triumph and, the NaW Compendium Vol...
  5. David Heath

    Stalin's Triumph Clarifications and Corrections v2.3 Rev28

    This edition of Stalin's Triumph Clarifications and Corrections v2.3 is now available as a free download for all gamers. With the release of the Nations At War v3.0 Core Rules we have updated the Stalin's Triumph Module and Scenario Booklet v3.0 to match the layout and style of the Nations At...
  6. David Heath

    Robert Peterson Reviews Stalin's Triumph

    Robert Peterson reviews Stalin's Triumph from the Nations At War Series. http://www.awargamersneedfulthings.co.uk/2018/05/stalins-triumph-nations-at-war-game.html
  7. David Heath

    The State of the Union for Nations At War Series

    Many of you have been asking what are we doing, and when will the NaW games be back in stock. So here is the official update. We are expecting that the games to be here during the 1Q and I am going to say sometime in March. There are 26 games being printed and coming from China. We know there...