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tank on tank digital

  1. David Heath

    Tank On Tank Digital Steam Achievements

    Jo, been hard at work getting the Tank On Tank Digital edition ready for Steam and has added Achievements to the game.
  2. David Heath

    Tank On Tank Digital - Game Manual v1.2

    This is the official game manual for the Tank On Tank Digital series.
  3. David Heath

    Grogheads Chris Paquette Reviews Tank On Tank Digital

    Grogheads gets under the hood with the new digital adaptation of the fast-and-furious Tank on Tank boardgame ~ Tank on Tank: Digital Edition is Lock ‘n Load Publishing’s computer adaptation of designer Peter Bogdasarian’s Tank on Tank board games covering the East and Western Fronts of World...
  4. David Heath

    Tank On Tank Digital Review by "A Wargamers Needful Things"

    I love board games and tabletop wargames, the problem is finding someone else who shares an interest in the hobby, and then finding the time to play against them. My wife is my only regular gaming partner, but, understandably, her tastes in a theme are a bit more limited than mine. Tactical...
  5. David Heath

    Tank On Tank Digital - Scenario Maker Manual v1.0

    Have you played all the scenarios already in Tank On Tank Digital? Now you can design your own, welcome to our Scenario design guide! We hope you find these instructions understandable and useful. There are two appendices at the end of the guide containing the unit lists and an error list...
  6. David Heath

    Tank On Tank Digital Updated and Available On Mac

    Tank On Tank Digital Updated to v1.0.1.0 and now available for the Mac OS. All Tank On Tank Digital Owners can update the game, and all new purchases will receive the latest version. Get your copy at https://goo.gl/AY74vJ List of Improvements in update 1) Fixed the „touchy“ effect on...
  7. David Heath

    Tank On Tank Digital Review

    TANK ON TANK DIGITAL REVIEW BY MAURICE FITZGERALD DIGITAL TABLETOP Lock ‘n Load Publishing (LnL) recently released a digital take on their tabletop Tank on Tank series covering both the East and West fronts. The games can be bought individually for $24.99 each, but your best bet is in grabbing...
  8. Trent Garner

    Multiplayer Matchmaking Thread

    Greetings tankers! We trust you are enjoying Tank on Tank Digital and wish you great success while playing the campaigns and scenarios. Once you have the single-player game figured out, we hope you will try the multiplayer game. This thread has been created so players of Tank on Tank Digital...
  9. Trent Garner

    It's OFFICIAL!! - Tank on Tank Digital released

    Tank on Tank Digital is now officially on sale in the Lock N Load Publishing Store. You may have seen YouTube videos of the game, or various screenshots here in the media section in recent weeks. Well, now is your chance to play the game yourself. Please allow me to introduce myself, my name...
  10. David Heath

    Tank On Tank Digital RELEASED

    Tank On Tank Digital comes in two different editions. Tank On Tank Digital West Front comes with 19 new scenarios and 4 campaigns. Tank On Tank Digital East Front comes with 19 scenarios and 3 campaigns. Both Editions of Tank On Tank Digital are cutting-edge, easy-to-learn and will provide hours...
  11. David Heath

    Try Out Tank On Tank Digital Beta Now

    Try out our new latest working demo of Tank On Tank Digital. Tank On Tank Digital will be available as a free download with two BattlePacks loaded with Scenarios. This demo will take about a minute to load, this is a WebGL Demo and will switch to fullscreen. This demo will not run in...