MG Rate of Fire rules idea

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    Not sure if anything like this has been suggested before, if so please ignore.

    MG Rate of Fire (ROF)

    MG’s with FP values of 2 or more may be fire up to two times per turn at ½ FP per firing.

    MG’s using ROF can only fire once per friendly impulse.

    MG’s using ROF during Opportunity Fire may only fire once per hex entered by the target.

    A squad firing an MG using ROF may only combine its inherent FP with the initial MG usage per turn.

    MG’s that use ½ FP are marked with a single FIRED counter.

    MG's marked with two FIRED counters is no longer eligible to fire in the current turn.

    MG’s not using ROF fire as per LNLT rules and are marked with two FIRED counters.

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