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Discussion in 'World At War 85 Series' started by Matt Lohse, Jan 20, 2015.

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    There's one last point I'd like to make about it, which is that current scenario balance will be changed by such a change. As is is, many of the scenarios have the russians as the attackers, and in great numerical superiority in order to overcome NATO's technical superiority, which to a point hangs on the western tank's abilities to hold their own a bit. A simple +1 change to the to hit mod would, for instance, reduce the chance that an Abrams has to hit with 3 of his shots on one of his volleys from 37% to 7.4%; a challenger or leopard II would get their chances reduced from 99.9 to 37%.
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    Hmm, I would think that being a future war game, that the technology involved would be able to over come the moving target...I could see a mod if were a WWII game?

    Keith T
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    Sorry for not responding for a few days (computer issues).

    I think any changes to fire at moving targets would need to be an optional rule, in part because of the changing balance issue mentioned above and in part due to a desire to try to keep the rules as simple as possible. That said, it might be fun to come up with an optional moving target rule and try it with a couple of scenarios designed with that in mind (so it wasn't unbalancing an existing one)... to see how it would play.

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