Command Ops 2 Ordeal at Overloon Part 2 *Playing Allies* v1.0

Printable planning aids, for the Ordeal at Overloon Scenario, playing as Allies.

  1. Daz
    Command Ops 2 - Ordeal at Overloon part 2 *Playing as Allies*

    This is a short unfinished pdf which I will add to as I progress.

    The main reason for putting this up early, is that I have included various images, with graphical style objectives and a minimalistic version, as well as a blank map with and without grid squares, of the full map for the Overloon scenario and a tutorial so that they can be printed out and stitched together, in order to plan your battle pen and paper style, if that is your preference.

    Id OaO2 cover.jpg
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