Hannut 1940 1.1

Scenarios for the battle of Hannut. France 1940

  1. hubee0
    Battle of Hannut scenario(s). The first big tank battle in II WW and the biggest one during 1940 campaign.
    The resource will contain 3 historical scenarios:
    1. Small, one day scenario (12 May 1940). "Hannut-Crehen". Central battle area around Hannut. 5e Brigade Legere Mecanique against 4 Panzer Division.
    2. Medium size scenario for northern sector (12-13 May 1940). "Hannut - die Hexenkessel". 3e Division Legere Mecanique against 3 and 4 Panzer Divisions.
    3. Full size scenario (12-13 May 1940). "Hannut - the clash of the armour". 2e and 3e DLM against the XVI Armee Korps.

    The first version contains only the first scenario. If you like it, others will follow.
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  1. Medium size and full size scenarios added

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  1. GeneralGandhi
    Version: 1.1
  2. David Johnston
    David Johnston
    Version: 1.1
    A fairly simple scenario but not an easy one to get a win.