LnLT Clarifications and Corrections v9.0

LnLT Clarifications and Corrections for All Editions in the Series

  1. David Heath
    This LNLT Clarifications and Corrections document was compiled by Stephane Tanguay from old FAQ/Errata and posts made in relevant forums on BoardGameGeek, Consimworld, Lock ’n Load Publishing and many other websites. Other clarifications and corrections from game titles that have been discontinued were included for reference purposes and based on a quick comparison of the same scenario across various products. Typos are reported only for significant ones and only for the LNLT products so that they can be corrected in the future.

    On the following page is the list of the various scenarios’ sources. Where clarifications and corrections are relevant to more than one edition of the same product, an “x” is used (such as BOHx, meaning that the info is relevant for both BOH1 and BOH2). The ones in RED are those games currently in print. All Games marked with an “*” are out of print. Please feel free to report any issues to the LNLP forums.

Recent Reviews

  1. A Perfect Urkel
    A Perfect Urkel
    Version: v9.0
    Very useful, and the included corrected counters work great in a pinch!