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LnLT Digital Interface Guide

LnLT Digital Interface Guide Beta v2.1b Rev2.1

This Guide is meant to serve as a reference for the Lock n Load Tactical Digital Core Game; it is not meant to replace the rules but rather, serve as a ‘how to’ for digital-only gameplay. Much of the game is clearly described in the Core Rule- book and therefore, will not be repeated here. To best play Lock ‘N Load Tactical Digital, a thorough understanding of the Core Rulebook is necessary. The rules in the Core Rulebook will be referenced throughout this Guide, including section numbers (as of this version of the Digital Manual), so you can easily find a more thorough explanation of each concept in the game. The Lock 'n Load Tactical Digital Interface Guide will guide players on how to use the digital interface for playing LnLT. This manual is still in beta and will be updated as needed.

This Interface Guide is organized according to the military phonetic alphabet (e.g., Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc.), in order to avoid confusion when referring to specific Lock n Load Tactical System Core Rulebook section numbers (hereafter referred to as the “Core Rulebook”). So, “ALPHA” is the first section, followed by “BRAVO,” and so on, when it comes to THIS Digital Manual. Furthermore, additional sections under each phonetic are numbered, so BRAVO ONE is followed by BRAVO TWO, and so on.
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