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LnLT Optional Nationality Smoke Shell  Rules & Counters

LnLT Optional Nationality Smoke Shell Rules & Counters

14.2.2 Optional Nationality Smoke Shells Operational Rules & Counters

AmeriSmokeShell.png GerSmokShell.png
When provided in scenario set up, each side gets a limited number of Smoke Shell counters.

These smoke counters are kept off board (they do not belong to specific vehicle) until used and discarded once spent. Players can choose to make their smoke-shell-equipped tank fire a Smoke Shell in lieu of AP/HE standard shell.

The fire procedure is the same of 14.0 Ordnance, and Smoke marker follows 7.0 Smoke cycle, with the following exceptions:

  • · Players do not target enemy units, they target Hex (in LOS) where enemies units are;
  • · Target modifiers ( Target's moving, Target's size...) , Hex TMs and previous Acquired Target Modifiers are NOT considered for Hit Dice Roll (THDR): after firing Smoke shell, any firing vehicle Acquired marker is removed from the map.
  • · If, according 14.0 Ordnance procedure, Smoke Shell hits the intended Hex target a “Smoke 1” counter is placed on Hex.
  • If it fails, a “Smoke 1”counter is:
    • · placed one hex just ahead intended hex target and along the LOS if THDR is an odd number ( it’s a short volley)
    • · placed one hex beyond the intended hex target and along the LOS if THDR is an even number (it’s a too long volley)
    • · not placed if THDR is a double (e.g. two “5”s ).
  • To be placed in the final Hex, a clear LOS must exists to Hex; otherwise counter is not placed. Any ambiguity about establishing hex is at enemy player choice.
  • Vehicle firing Smoke Shell can use its MGs after having fired Smoke Shell (not before).
  • · do not use Acquisition Markers when fire Smoke Shell.
Optional Rule: to better represent the historical availability, Smoke Shell counter is not automatically removed after its use: a Depletion Number is set for each Nationality (and war period) in OOB of scenarios ( a printed “D” in red box on the Smoke Shell counter is a reminder). After resolving fire procedure, active player rolls a die: if number is less than Depletion Number, Smoke Shell counter is permanently removed from the player’s pool; if number is equal or greater, Smoke Shell counter does remain in player’s pool.

Comments: The use of Smoke Shell was a very important tactical choice for any tank commander: sometime it was better to try to fill with smoke enemy MG nests than to try to hit it with an HE shell...smoke barrage could also cover and protect friendly advancing infantry or could help to escape from (or engage) a meeting with a tough enemy tank...This Smoke Shell rule is an attempt to give LnL player this tactical choice. This rule can strongly unbalance existing scenario. Its use should be considered and tested for next scenarios only.

I hope to post a short scenario to let you test the use of Smoke Shells soon.
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