LnLT Optional White Phosphorous Rules and Counter

Special Ammunition: White Phosphorous shell

  1. Stefano G.
    14.2.3 Optional White Phosphorous (WP) Shells

    WPShell.png WPfinal.png

    When provided, each side gets a limited number of WP Shell counters as described in scenario set up.

    This WP shell counters are kept off board until used and discarded once spent. Players can choose to make their tank fire a WP Shell in lieu of AP/HE standard shell.

    The fire procedure is the same of 14.2.2 Smoke Shell (previously posted here in: http://forums.lnlpublishing.com/resources/my-lnl-updates-2.61/ ), with the following exceptions:

    • Any Leg units or Open vehicle in WP marked hex must roll for a damage check: +1 is added to die roll (as reminded in the marker).
    • If affected Leg units are in Building/Bunker/Cave (closed space), damage check is performed by rolling 2 dice and considering the highest one.
    • Any eligible unit (Leg or Open vehicles) entering WP marked hex must perform same damage check
    • WP marker is considered a “Smoke 2” marker for any LOS and Terrain effect.
    • WP marker is removed during following Admin phase (it is in play for one turn only).

    Optional Rule: to better represent the historical availability WP Shell, counter is not automatically removed after its use: a Depletion Number is set for each Nationality (and war period) in OOB of scenarios ( a printed “D” in red box on the WP Shell counter is a reminder). After resolving fire procedure, active player rolls a die: if number is less than Depletion Number, WP Shell counter is permanently removed from the player’s pool; if number is equal or greater, WP Shell counter is remains in player’s pool.

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  1. Mark Drake
    Mark Drake
    Like this rule;can also be used to represent tear gas too.
  2. David Heath
    David Heath
    Great rule.