LnLT Solo Manual & Player Aid Card Update v1.5 Rev5

New smaller Player Aid Card 8.5 x 11.0 / A4 format for easy at home printing.

  1. David Heath
    LnLT Solo - Play Anytime, Anywhere with Any Game in the Series.

    This updated manual for the LnLT Solo has a few rule clarification and corrects some minor errors on the Player Aid Cards. We have added a new Player Aid Card for Banzi Charges. LnLT Solo can be played without this update but has been made available for those customers that want to use them. The player aid cards are also provided in a smaller 8.5 x 11.0 / A4 format for easy at home printing.

    Lock ‘n Load Tactical Solo is our next evolution in our Lock ‘n Load Tactical series. Lock ’n Load Tactical Solo system allows players to fight against an Artificial Enemy Opponent (AEO) that operates using a series of cards drawn from a deck, which makes decisions for the AEO game units. You can play almost every scenario, aby side from any game in the LnLT series.

    But we wanted to go beyond that and provide a solitaire system that would work with our Battle Generator and across the entire Lock ‘n Load Tactical game series past, present and future game editions.

    One Solo System for all your Lock ’n Load Tactical gaming needs!

    LnLTS-Cover.jpg LnLTS-1.jpg LnLTS-2.jpg LnLTS-3.jpg
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  1. Ron Belcher
    Ron Belcher
    Version: v1.5
    Very clean and v1.5 takes clarification to the extreme! Well written!