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Lock 'n Load Tactical Core Rules Officer Edition

Lock 'n Load Tactical Core Rules Officer Edition v5.1 Rev73

LnLT Core Rules v5.1 Rev2 FB.jpg

Welcome to the Lock ‘n Load Tactical system (LnLT). For over 20 years the LnLT system has entertained gamers with its ease of gameplay while having attention to battlefield conditions and tactics. LnLT has set a new standard in Squad-level gaming with scenario-based gameplay. Its innovative gameplay mechanics, unparalleled artwork, historical scope, and accessibility have entertained veteran and new gamers alike.

LnLT has two versions of our game manual, the largest one is titled Lock ‘n Load Tactical Core Rules Officer Edition (the version shown here), and the smaller one is titled Lock ‘n Load Tactical Core Rules Handbook Edition. Both editions have all the standard rules needed to learn and play the game. The LnLT Officer Edition has additional sections of the Infantry Narrative, Vehicle & Ordnance Narrative, Print and Play edition of the LnLT Starter Kit, and the LnLT game Player-Aids. All the additional sections are available as separate PDFs. Both Core Rule Officer Edition. Both Core Rules Editions are available online to view and download for free. We do update our manuals for typos, corrections, and clarifications from time to time. Players can find their manual revision number on the back cover under the bar code.

The manual in your hands, or on your digital screen contains the latest set of guidelines and regulations for the Lock ‘n Load Tactical system. Over the years the system has grown and, with input from the community and our own experience with the system. We have concluded the need for minor changes, tweaks, rules clarifications, and subtle wording issues that need to be added and addressed.

One of the biggest changes that people will notice is the size of the manual. The Core Rules Officer Edition is 285+ pages, and the Core Rules Handbook Edition is 190+ pages. DO NOT allow the size of the manual to concern you. We have endeavored to include a lot of examples and present everything in a large font so it is easy to read. In-depth examples of play have been included to show you how the game is played with a multitude of different situations shown.

Another major update is the layout of the Player Aid cards. We have totally revamped the look of the Player Aid cards as well as expanded some of the tables on them and included rules references for just about every condition shown on the Player Aid cards.

Support Weapons have been reworked with several new additions and changes to how the mechanics of SWs work. One of the major modifications that we have implemented is that every SWs with Ordnance to-hit tables can now fire from inside buildings, and we have laid out which SWs can fire from Bunkers and Caves as well. There have also been some minor changes for Weapon Teams as well. We have clarified and laid out in a more complete form how Fire Combat is conducted. We have clarified how the laying of Smoke is conducted.

Changes to the rules can be easily spotted as they have been highlighted in blue text. We encourage new players to read the two gameplay narratives (for infantry and vehicles/ordnance) found at the back of the book before reading the rules, to familiarize themselves with how a scenario plays in an intuitive and observational manner. The LnLT Core Rules Officer Edition v5.1 can be used with any previously published module, including the LnLT Solo system. The Core Rules Officer Edition has seven additional sections adding an additional 95+ pages. The additional sections are listed below.

Additional Manual Sections Found in the Core Rules Officer Edition:

  • Infantry Gameplay Narrative
  • Vehicle & Ordnance Gameplay Narrative
  • Outline of Play
  • Rule Reference
  • Starter Kit TEC’s, Scenarios, and Game Tables
  • Starter Kit Counters and Maps

The LnLT Core Rules Officer Edition can be viewed and downloaded via the Online Library including our Bootcamp Training Videos.

Please Note: There is no difference between the Printed, PDF, or Online Library Editions except those were noted. The LnLT Core Rules Officer Edition does not include any printed versions of our game map, counter sheet, or player aid cards. Our printed edition of the game map, counter sheet, and player aid cards are available within our LnLT Starter Kit product. The LnLT Starter Kit included with LnLT Core Rules Officer Edition is a Print and Play Edition. The Lock 'n Load Tactical Core Rules Officer Edition was formally known as Lock 'n Load Tactical Core Rules.

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  1. Lock 'n Load Tactical Core Rules Edition

    We corrected some types and errors in the rules.

Latest reviews

This new version adds three important novelties : fires starting and spreading in and from hexes, off-board artillery fire missions types, and hull down positions for tanks. The rest are mostly clarifications, and they are welcome. All interesting and useful modifications.
Sharp and continually on point by staying up to date. Well done to all involved. Thank you for your attention to detail, and commitment.
Must have resource for all players. Ideal for popping onto your tablet to use as a reference
Complete, colorful and readable rulebook for free. Super impressed, and well put together rulebook. I grabbed the hardback based on the PDF (totally not needed, but I like books). I found the font size easy to read, colorful pages engaging, and the additional narrative tutorials very effective. Great job and great support!
Fantastic. It is much longer than anything before it (I've been playing since first edition LnL), but it is very comprehensive. It leaves very little for the reader to have to figure out on their own.

The manual is very well cross-referenced AND very redundant, the latter which helps with rules-retention and makes things easier to find during play (ie. "This paragraph talks about this rule, but where was that ONE line that pointed out this one exception that applied to this rule, etc etc").

Love the new Laying Smoke rules. It makes Laying smoke ever so slightly more efficient than before.
"Lock N Load Publishing" Has done it again, a complete and concise set of rules that is unparalleled today. While 4.1 was clear enough and didn't give me a severe headache, this one is no contest, this is the BEST rulebook I've ever had the pleasure of reading.

Thanks for the hard work LNL! This is an amazing feat, and for that I'm giving this a solid 5/5. I wish you all the best of luck in the future.
David Heath
David Heath
Over 500+ downloads in less than 24 hours and only one review. Please let us know what you think.