Lock 'n Load Tactical Infantry Gameplay Narrative v5.1 Rev65

Introduction for players to learn how Infantry function

  1. David Heath
    LnLTv5.1 Infantry Narrative FB Rev2.jpg

    Welcome to the Lock ’n Load Tactical system. Learning how to play any Squad-level tactical game system can be difficult, and the best way to learn is to have someone there to teach you. Absent of that, the following gameplay narrative provides an as-played approach to learning the LnLT system without burdening the player with trying to absorb everything in the rules manual and on the Player-Aid Cards (PACs) before putting a counter on the Map. The focus here is essential gameplay, not low-percent- age or rare-case situations—and, most of all, fun. Before we play LnLT, let’s get familiar with the components used when playing. We’ll keep it to an overview, and explore the details when we play.

    We are going to use components that are, mostly, from the LnLT Starter Kit. The components are from World War 2 and include American Paratroopers and German Wehrmacht units.