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Lock 'n Load Tactical Player Aid Cards (PAC)

Lock 'n Load Tactical Player Aid Cards (PAC) v5.1 Rev28

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Lock ‘n Load Tactical Player Aid Cards v5.1
(PAC) has been redesigned to incorporate all the updates and additions from version 5.1, as well as a complete visual overhaul to make using them easier and faster to use. Inside you’ll find six double-sided new 8.5 x 11 Quick Reference charts for referencing the LnLT Core Rules v5.1 on the fly. New Odds and Ratio Tables to help you better judge combat encounters, as well as rule reference summaries to quickly allow you to keep the gameplay advancing.

Gamers who prefer can purchase a print edition of the LnLT Player Aid Cards v5.1 on our store with the links below.

Rev 27: We added some of our modern icons to modifiers that only apply to modern game editions. The corrected some other small errors. This is the rev being printed in our store.

To purchase a Print Edition of the LnLT Player Aid Cards v5.1 please click here.

LnLT v5.1 Player Aid Cover-1.jpg LnLT-v5-1-PAC5.png LnLT-v5-1-PAC6.png LnLT-v5-1-PAC1.png LnLT-v5-1-PAC4.png LnLT-v5-1-PAC3.png LnLT-v5-1-PAC1.png LnLT-v5-1-PAC5.png
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  1. Lock 'n Load Tactical Player Aid Cards (PAC)

    Updated the Player Aid Cards to v5.1 Rev73. Updated some terms and modifiers.

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The PAC is a personal favorite of mine. Thanks for keeping it revised and updated. Great job!