Lock 'n Load Tactical Player Aid Cards v5.1 Rev 27

Latest v5.1 PAC for the Lock 'n Load Tactical Game System

  1. David Heath
    The Lock ‘n Load Tactical Player Aids v5.1 have been redesigned to incorporate all the updates and additions from version 5.1, as well as a complete visual overhaul to make using them easier and faster. Inside you’ll find new 8.5 x 11 Quick Reference charts for referencing the core rules on the fly, Odds and Ratio Tables to help you better judge combat encounters, and well as walkthroughs and summaries of the more important or complex core rules.

    LnLT v5.1 Player Aid Cover-1.jpg LnLT-PAC1.jpg LnLT-v5-1-PAC1.png LnLT-v5-1-PAC2.png LnLT-v5-1-PAC3.png LnLT-v5-1-PAC4.png LnLT-v5-1-PAC6.png