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Lock 'n Load Tactical Vehicle and Ordnance Gameplay Narrative

Lock 'n Load Tactical Vehicle and Ordnance Gameplay Narrative v5.1 Rev65

LnLT v5.1 Vehicle Narrative Facebook Rev2.jpg

This Vehicle and Ordnance Gameplay Narrative introduces players to how vehicles and ordnance function in the Lock ’n Load Tactical system. LnLT is a Squad-level tactical game, and that’s an important distinction. The focus of the LnLT system is infantry combat, but it is not limited to infantry and small- arms. Armored and unarmored vehicles and ordnance-firing weapons also feature throughout the numerous games, in both World War II and modern eras. Here, we will cover all you need to know about vehicles, armor, mortar, and ordnance-firing Weapon Teams, Off-board Artillery missions, passengers, Overruns, Close Assaults, and some fortifications and obstacles. Fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters have their own in-depth examples within section 19.0 of the v5.1 rules.

If you are reading this, it’s expected that you have already read the Infantry Gameplay Narrative. In that narrative, the basics of the LnLT system, from components to the regularly used rules, were introduced. Those are not covered again and are referred to here without exposition unless it is necessary to illustrate a new mechanic or concept. The Infantry Gameplay Narrative also featured a training scenario; here a training situation is presented instead. After we cover some terminology and concepts, we are going to get right to a training situation on a Map, on which a turn’s Operations Phase unfolds.
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