Nations At War Starter Kit Now On Tabletop Simulator v1.0

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  1. David Heath
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    Nations At War - Starter Kit Now Available On Tabletop Simulator.

    Nations At War series is an award-winning dynamic platoon-level combat game. Nations At War series centered on armor, artillery, and infantry combat during World War 2. With unparalleled artwork and an impulse-based game mechanic that keeps the player constantly involved, each action-packed firefight plays out cinematically.

    The gameplay is fast and furious and decisions need to be made quickly, leadership is key. Unique Skills enhance effectiveness. And out of the intense fury of a firefight, a Hero may be spawned a Hero who can turn the tide of battle and save the day for your side.

    Nations At War you’ll find everything you’re looking for in a platoon level game: armor, artillery, infantry. You command and control your forces including air support and you will fight in desperate close assaults. Nations At War series has you covered with a variety of battles and theaters on every front of World War 2.

    Tabletop Simulator is an independent video game that allows players to play and create tabletop games in a multiplayer physics sandbox. Developed by Berserk Games.

    Nations At War Starter Kit

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