Space Infantry Resurgence - Campaign Sheets v1.0

Ink Friendly

  1. David Heath
    Campaign Sheets v1.0 by Ryanmobile
    Updated Ink Friendly Edition

    This PDF contains a version of each of the 7 campaigns as identical as I could make them to the stock SIR version except:
    (1) These will require much less black ink to print/copy.
    (2) I made limited alterations to grammar, spelling, or capitalization to correct what I thought were minor "fluff" typos on some sheets.
    (3) I tried to get the format as close as possible to the stock SIR sheets but obviously could not make them identical.
    (4) C005 has an alternate version on the last page to reflect (a) that the standard VP table in the top right corner is not used and (b) the bottom right VP table was altered to remove the line awarding 2 VP for completing a re-attempt of an aborted mission since re-attempting missions are not allowed in this campaign.

    If you catch any errors, please let me know. I am happy to fix them.

    The SIR campaign sheets utilize a couple of fonts that did not come stock on my PC. In case these sheets do not display properly, you may want to try downloading the following free fonts:

    Exo 2
    Exo 2 Black

    If you are aware that any other campaign sheets (like C005) should be altered to reflect campaign-specific rules or situations, please let me know and I'll update the sheet.

    I will upload the Microsoft Publisher file I built to create this pdf soon so others may customize further.

    I may modify the campaign logs overtime to record additional information and if so I will update this file in case anyone is interested.