Space Infantry Resurgence Core Rules EPUB v2.0 Rev28

Latest Core Rules for the Space Infantry Game System in EPUB Format

  1. David Heath
    Space Infantry: Resurgence is a robust gaming system based on a unique solitaire game, and has been further expanded to provide both co-op and two-player modes of play.

    In Space Infantry Resurgence you command an elite squad of veteran Space Infantry soldiers taking on the daunting task of fighting against unknown alien foes, through challenging environments, using only the weapons and tools brought with you, or whatever can be scrounged along the way in order to achieve victory.

    Space Infantry Resurgence v2.0 rules manual contains the latest set of guidelines and regulations for the Space Infantry Resurgence system. Our goal is to present the rules in a straightforward manner without disrupting their existing structure and foundation. For clarity some rules sections have been modified, not with content, but with a new structure e.g., additional subsections and more bullet points. Additional cross-referencing of rules expanded unit-image diagrams, and a detailed Glossary has also been added.