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Space Infantry Resurgence - Squad Roster Sheets

Space Infantry Resurgence - Squad Roster Sheets v1.1

Squad Rosters v1.1 by Ryanmobile
Updated Ink Friendly Edition

This PDF contains a version of each of the 4 squad rosters as identical as I could make them to the stock LnL version except:

If you catch any errors, please let me know. I am happy to fix them.

The LnL campaign sheets utilize a couple of fonts that did not come stock on my PC. In case these sheets do not display properly, you may want to try downloading the following free fonts:

Exo 2
Exo 2 Black

I will upload the Microsoft Publisher file I built to create this pdf soon so others may customize further.

I may create alternate versions of the squad rosters overtime to record additional information and if so I will update this file in case anyone is interested.

Changelog for v1.1
(1) I had two "Assault Team A" per squad sheet. Changed one to "Assault Team B".

(2) Fixed a spelling error on the Blue Squad sheet.
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