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World At War 85 Core Rules Audible & Hardcover Editions from Amazon

World At War 85 Core Rules Audible & Hardcover Editions from Amazon v2.0 Rev47

WaW85 2.0 Core Rulebook Dual Image.png

WaW85 Core Rules Audible & Hardcover Edition Available from Amazon. (Audible Edition Coming Soon)

World At War 85 v2.0 rules manual contains the latest set of guidelines and regulations for the World At War 85 system. Our goal is to present the rules in a straightforward manner without disrupting their existing structure and foundation. For clarity some rules sections have been modified, not with content, but with a new structure e.g., additional subsections and more bullet points. Additional cross-referencing of rules expanded unit-image diagrams, and a detailed Index and Glossary have also been added.

Other new additions to the v2.0 are our new hexagonal color-coding system in the Table of Contents and throughout the manual, to make referencing certain sections and subsections easier.

Lastly, new resources have been added to aid new gamers: A Scenario Information section, which breaks down how scenarios are laid out, Video and Audio aids for the manual to help learn the system, and new reference cards and player aids for all core games in the series.

Also included is our WaW85 Starter Kit.

A spiral-bound print edition of the Core Rules is available for purchase at the link below.

- http://bit.ly/WaW85-CoreRules

WaW85-Cover 3.jpg WaW85-Page1.jpg WaW85-Units1.jpg WaW85-Units2.jpg WaW85-Units3.jpg
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