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falling stars: war of empires

  1. DallinReichert

    An Issue with Steam

    Hello friends, I am encountering a serious problem since yesterday. "Falling Stars" is one of my favorite games which i play every time from Steam. Yesterday when I opened Steam for playing this game, a strange issue was showing the Steam service error :arghh::arghh::arghh:. Not understanding...
  2. K

    Falling Stars - Tactical Actions Screen Bug

    When on the spaceship combat screen, the Tactical Actions box on the right of the screen does not display the proper action when hovered over. I think this happens when one has more tactical actions than can be displayed in the box.
  3. K

    Falling Stars - OCF Capacity Production Bug?

    When playing a low resource game, I was able to produce three dreadnoughts in some systems with a total OCF capacity of three on any given turn. Essentially giving that planet three times the OCF capacity it should of had. I am not sure if this was due to some modifier and it appears to be a...
  4. K

    Why Barter?

    In playing Falling Stars I have found it so easy to take over planets I cannot fathom why I would ever want to barter with them. Even with the negative consequences that occur with a planets allies when conquering planets, it doesn't matter since I would simply conquer them as well. Also, is...
  5. David Heath

    Falling Stars: War of Empires Patch 1 Released

    We have released the first Patch 1 for Falling Stars: War of Empires. You can find what we fixed or added below. Please note the Core Edition will be updated in the next day or so. Patch 1 Updates [Released] Thanks for all of the feedback so far! Here is what we are currently working on for...
  6. David Heath

    Falling Stars: War of Empires Manual v1.0.3

    This is the Living Manual for our Digital game Falling Stars: War of Empires.
  7. David Heath

    Falling Stars: War of Empires Released

    Falling Stars: War of Empires is now released for Windows. Also available the Windows Core Edition, Our Core Editions allows you to download and try the game for FREE before deciding to purchase it. You can find the Falling Stars: War of Empires Core Game Edition on our store here. You will...
  8. Falling Stars: War of Empires - Gameplay Showcase - YouTube

    Falling Stars: War of Empires - Gameplay Showcase - YouTube

    Check out Lock 'n Load Publishing's Falling StarsL War of Empires. Come chat with our developers and get ready for some fun. Forums here! http://forums.lnlpublishing.com/forums/falling-stars-war-of-empires.38/ Falling Stars: War of Empires is a 4x strategy game where players must o...