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  1. B

    Map preservation

    As a war game newbie I am wondering how: you can get the maps to lay flat when using them, currently they want to raise up around the folds, and two is there a way to help preserve them long term or better protect them while using them? What do you guys do?
  2. David Heath

    LnLT Scenario & Map List Guide Rev. 13

    LnLT Scenario and Map List Guide will show all scenarios and maps from both World War 2 and Modern era games in one PDF document. This PDF will be updated as we add more games to the series. The scenario list and the map list are from the latest game releases and will not match older editions...
  3. David Heath

    LnLT Standard and X-Map Templates v1.0

    The LnLT Map Templates are for those of you who might want to make your own map designs. These templates would work best printed on 12 x 18 CLEAR acetate or white paper. We have included both PDF and PNG file format, they both should have clear backgrounds.