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  1. Bie

    Battle for Caen scenario - Goodwood - Atlantic

    I'm about to get started on my Operation Goodwood scenario. The map should be about done, apart from some detailing. The terrain south east of Cean seems to be quite open and full of fields. It is also moderately hilly on the southern part. Great for some tank on tank action! Looking at the map...
  2. Bie

    Battle for Caen 1.0

    With the success of the landings on the beaches of Normandy on 6th of June 1944 the Allies consolidated their foothold and spent the days after the invasion linking up all of the beaches. Once this had been achieved their focus was to try and force a breakout. One of the D-Day objectives was...
  3. Bie

    Battle for Caen scenario - XXX Corps' Right Pincer

    After a bit of a hiatus from the game I thought it would be nice to get start making some scenarios again. As the title suggests I'm going to try and make a couple of historical scenarios that are related to the liberation of Caen. In that sense it should link up nicely with my previous Pegasus...
  4. Bie

    Pegasus Bridge 1.2

    The Pegasus Bridge scenario pack for Command Ops 2. Fight for the Bénouville and Ranville bridges in the invasion of Normandy. Will the Axis hold on to the city of Caen? Pits elements of the 6th Airborne against elements of the 21st Panzer Division. Can you hold the eastern most flank of the...
  5. Bie

    Scope of a scenario - Platoon level - Pegasus Bridge

    I'm thinking in giving scenario creation a shot. I want to start small and take a battle that I have at least some knowledge of. I'm thinking some kind of Pegasus Bridge scenario. For this scenario to work the scope should be at platoon level. I haven't seen any scenario like this in Command...