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    Hey Everyone,

    We are working on our Kickstart page for WaW85 Storming the Gap and it will be up VERY soon. We have some additional great news to report, We were able to sign writer Brad Smith to do series of novels for our WaW85 series and we are thrilled. Brad has a writing collection of military stories we highly recommend you try out. Brad is also a game designer and has recently released NATO air Commender by Hollandspiele

    Brad Smith Books On Amazon -

    NATO Air Commander -



Discussion in 'World At War 85 Series' started by David Heath, Jan 23, 2019.

    1. MichaelCD
      Did he also write Task Force (a scifi novel)?
    2. David Heath
      David Heath
      I do not know but I will ask him to drop by.

    3. Brad Smith
      Brad Smith
      Yes, I wrote Task Force. It was an attempt to write sci-fi that didn't go as well as I had hoped.
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    4. MichaelCD
      Unless it is a NY Times Bestseller for 2 years and you have signed a 7 movie deal, it never goes as well as one has hoped. :)
    5. Brad Smith
      Brad Smith
      Thanks Michael! Task Force was definitely not my finest moment and for various reasons, it didn't just catch the ire of SF readers - it earned their undying hatred too. The Amazon reviews were brutal but not totally unfounded. After re-reading the book and finding some (but definitely not all) the problems that various reviewers had pointed out, I withdrew it from circulation and went back to writing military thrillers. Now I see the book as just another misstep in an early writing career. Lessons were learned. :D
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    6. Crossroads
      Looking forward to reading your Storming the Gap book, Brad! I just found out about your WW3 books in Amazon and bought the compilation :)
    7. Brad Smith
      Brad Smith
      Thanks very much! Enjoy!
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    8. Crossroads
      I bought and read the Storm and Steel novel as well, as it was mentioned as the inspiration behind one of the stretch goals. I quite enjoyed it, the best one I've read so far. Of course that's about content too, who wouldn't love a good tank battle.

      I recall reading somewhere that you are considering writing a book next instead of a series of novels, based on the characters we've seen. Go for it, I'd be sure interested to read those too. Too bad Capt. Mohr won't be featuring (unless he makes a remarkable recovery!)
    9. Brad Smith
      Brad Smith
      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. If there's one thing I've learned from writing these books, it's that people seem to really enjoy reading about tanks.

      As you mention, my writing in the series covers a bunch of different characters and topics and timeframes. When I started writing, my intention was to write a series but I had a whole bunch of different stories bottled up inside my head and just had to get them out there, even though they weren't really sequential and the characters were different in each book.

      So although I've gradually built up the universe in the series, it's not all that cohesive. I would really like to come back to some of the books I've written before and try to write sequels. Unfortunately, I don't think Mohr will be reappearing in any future books though I might make reference to him. I've always wanted to write a prequel to "Insurgent" that takes place in Vietnam and follows Joe Ricci and Ned Littlejohn, two of my favorite characters.

      I have a lot of books on my hard drive that didn't see the light of day for one reason or another. Some of them are hardcore military books while others were more along the lines of thrillers (much like "Operation Gladio"). At some point, I'll come back to those and make something out of them.

      The "First Strike" book that I'm currently writing for LnLP is forcing me to take a more focused look at things. Because the book is the first one in a series, I'm setting things up for a longer burn. Some of the characters that appear in First Strike will reappear in the later books. The story is very closely tied to Keith Tracton's scenarios and follows the war as it develops in the way that he has described in the "Storming the Gap" scenario book. I found that the WaW scenarios were an excellent frame upon which to hang the stories and structure a book series around.

      I want to say how grateful and appreciative I am of the people who read my work. Each book I write is a little improvement on the last as I learn the craft of fiction. Some of the stories turn out the way I intended while some of them are disappointing. But the readers who have stuck with me despite these "misfires" are the best and I'm happy to hear any comments about the books at all. So thanks!
    10. Crossroads
      Finished the WW3 compilation, great stories there. The brave Harrier pilots were a fitting finale, well done!

      Looking forward to your next titles :)
    11. Brad Smith
      Brad Smith
      Thank you very much!

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