Command Ops 2 version 5.0.9

Dave 'Arjuna' O'Connor

Panther Games Designer
Jul 31, 2014
Canberra, Australia

* Fixed CTD on opening OB Tab after loading Save. Code now ensures that the GameWindow Instance variable is only deleted if the current GameWindow matches the variable.

* Fixed CTD when reattaching unit. This is caused by the Edit Task dialog pointing to a GameTask that no longer exists. The Edit Task dialog now responds to the destruction of the GameTask (caused by the reattach command) by clearing all controls.

* Fixed CTD caused by infinite recursion when the currEnd of a task was at the maxEnd for the Plan.

* Fixed corruption of Edit Task dialog when bombard task dialog was dismissed and another non-bombard task dialog opened. The code now ensures all controls are cleared on dismissal.

* Fixed map centring on unit when task selected. This was caused by the Order of Battle (OB) dialog bringing the tasks' subject into view. It no longer does that automatically. Now you have to double click the OB entry to bring the unit into view.
Oct 24, 2014
Groningen, NL
Minor remark regarding the updater:

when you apply the updater play.exe again, (it says) it downloads a new updater and wants a restart before it decides that the game is current. Each time. That seems a bit involved for a simple update check.

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