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Desert Heat: Rommel at Kasserine Pass

Jay Townsend

Aug 19, 2013
Desert Heat: Rommel at Kasserine Pass

I wanted to play a scenario with the Rommel counter and picked this quick one with only 10 turns and three formations before bedtime. I thought the Axis could steamroll off of the map but the Italians are slow moving and the Americans with only one HQ command had to stretch some units out of command but had a Recon unit to help overcome this. The obvious route for the Italians is straight down the road and the Germans can flank on the American right flank with their faster units but have to stop and help their Italian comrades out against those Lees & Stuarts because even if they exit all the armor, it is not enough points, as they 6 full units of armor to win.

The Americans try to bring in their mechanized Infantry to assault Italian Infantry and Armor but the Axis lays three different HE bombardments on them which ruins those plans but their armor mixes up with the Axis armor and those German Pz-IV G are pretty tough armor for the Lee & Stuart armor but the Italian M13s are a better matchup. The Axis managed to draw two Platoon Leader with the Chaos roll. The problem was, especially for the slower moving Italian armor, they got mixed up in one too many combats and this along with the turn ending early kept the Axis to only exiting 4 full armor units and not 6, giving the Americans the victory but they paid a price for it.

I pretty close scenario, the Axis need one more turn to win this one. I should have screened the Italian forces better with the Germans, as they have better movement but the Italians have more armor for those points. The Americans should have setup and shift more to the south. Could be close either way but those turns ending early is a killer. This scenario hit my late night fix and was fun enough to make it worthwhile.