Do I need Heroes of Normandy.....

Discussion in 'LnLT Rule Questions & Clarifications' started by Mark Drake, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. Mark Drake

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    Aug 27, 2013
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    I have the LNL Band of Heroes 2nd edition,and am looking to purchase Untold Stories.

    Do I also need to purchase HoN in order to use Untold Stories,or is it compatible with older BoH module???

  2. Nick DelCorpo

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    Jan 5, 2015
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    Yes, it does :) I have the exact same set up. The new games just put the base game, all released modules that mate to it, and incorporate new printed materials, along with the paper maps in to one (SWEET) package. Sometimes they include additional scenarios that were not included in the base or the module but rather a Line of Fire issue or some other source. I thought about getting rid of my Lock N' Load stuff and buy all new Lock N' Load Tactical equivalents but in the end , i did not. I still own Defeat in Defiance, Swift and the bold, Noville, Honor at Patrie, Heroes of the Blitzkrieg, Band of Heroes, Dark July, Not one Step Back and Island War. I also have both original scenario packs, Alpha and Bravo and 4 printed Line of Fire with counter inserts and the Generals Digital Pack which contain all Line of Fires in PDF format, but with no printed counters.. Everything else I have, Heroes Against the Red Star, Heroes of North Africa, The Bear and the Jackal, The Libyan Civil War, Heroes of the Nam, Heroes of the Pacific, Day of Heroes, Heroes of the Falklands, Easy Company, and Hell Frozen Over. I also have the X-Maps for Falklands, Vietnam, Heroes of the Motherland, Hell Frozen Over, North Africa. The reason i kept each older title, (besides the most obvious financial reason , which actually if you pre-order if wast until sale and sell the other title, you can usually get the new game for the cost of shipping of that a 10 bucks more)Defiance I kept because my cat destroyed the box, which mean very low resale value, I picked it up for a steal. I kept Blitzkrieg, Not one step Back, and Band of Brother because I prefer the mounted maps. I also use Plexiglas so it is not that much of a big deal. I like the richness in the colors on the mounted boards better as well. That is not to say there is anything wrong with the new paper boards, they're aren't, the color and richness is gorgeous, and the paper is sturdy and holds up well. I just prefer the very dark maps and the thickness is consistent since i kept the older titles that interlock usually. One thing that I really like about the new games is the large box that will actually fit the game when punched. The consistency in color for each nationality. The older Defiance has the Brits in an awkward color as does Swift and bold. The thinking behind was BEF uniforms were a little different I believe then what was worn later and the Swift guys were Para's. The Not One Step Back I have has 3 mounted maps from the first version, there are no halos and the maps are exactly the same thickness/colors as the other two older Heroes games. I had another copy of NOSB and it had the same three maps but in paper. I also had 2 older version of Dark July. One had a hard- mounted paper map like the old Day of Heroes Map, which I kept with my new versions counters and what not and gave my dad for Fathers day the old game but with the new paper maps. I wound up keeping the 4 paper maps, which have the regular hex size but featured slightly different artwork then the mounted map. The colors were slightly off as well, which is why I kept the 4 paper maps for Dark July. Noville was basically the same thing, its just a big beautiful mounted map. I do believe in some of the title there was a few minor counter errata that the new titles of course remedy. That is also worth quite a bit moving forward. I bought the new Heroes of the motherland x maps, one because they don't sell the little ones alone, and 2 they did have quite a few 'new maps' in that box. The older titles featured overlays for terrain changes, whereas David's team has a new maps for each scenario that requires differing terrain. The reason for keeping the older scenario packs was I like the individual scenario cards versus a single book or compendium. I really wanted to get that new castle map as it is much more accurate then the original (Medieval with Turrets) which might look cooler, but is totally bogus.

    All in all the system is completely compatible retroactively. To the degree that it all looks aesthetically pleasing with the same counter shape and color tone, matte versus gloss, the height of the maps, and other minor things of that nature. That aside everything works with everything no matter when it was produced, and this is the real strength of the awesome system...Long live Lock N' Load!!!!!!!!!!
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    Might be too late for Mark but could be useful for others. Here are the requirements to play the various The Untold Stories scenarios with older editions:

    In the Presence of my Enemies: BOHx and NOBx
    Mack the Knife (I): BOHx and SABx
    Mack the Knife (II): BOHx
    Mack the Knife (III): BOHx
    Mission of Vengeance: BOHx
    The Church: BOHx
    The Dice Have no Memory: BOHx
    The Reluctant Shepperd: BOHx and SABx
    The Stovepipe Bluff: BOHx & HID3/HONA/HOTB/HOTMx/NOSBx, where / stand for "or"
  4. David Heath

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    This is not a biggie but the British Counters are a different color than in the original game. We made the British counters match all across the game series.


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